Tarot  Readings

Provides an in-depth view of where are now, awareness of what is happening and where you can go.


Spiritual Consultations


Helps you find your spiritual path and develop that path into daily practice, leading to a truly fulfilling life.


              Tarot Classes

        Private or Group

Learn a little history and then learn the foundations of tarot reading.

Honest & Detailed Transformational Readings

Readings provide you with clarity and closure, allowing you to plan your path, move forward, or move on. Personal and general readings and sessions are available.


Relationships and life can be difficult to navigate and understand. Wise Woman Tarot is a natural born psychic and medium providing clarity and insight into situations, people, and paths that make their way into your life. If you have a particular question or are unclear about life, you'll find a reading or session with Chanah Liora reassuring, freeing, informative, and fulfilling.